Genten Honten is a Trading Company that generally import materials and conduct product planing.

Genten Honten

The incredible Marula oil this precious oil is taken from Marula tree which grows naturally on Sahara desert in the Southern part of Africa. It’s been extracted by squeezing “Marula nuts” from Marula seed which is a stone like part of its fruits.

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Teff stable import for the first time! We discuss thoroughly with the local supplier over a long period of time and import Teff to Japan. After clearing all the conditions, we’ve been the first company in Japan to provide large, stable amount of Teff.

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We do direct import from maker all over the world By the team work with our partner, we overcome country
boundary and directly import various food materials from the world.

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Our company cherish the connection with producer We think of connection with local producers as an important aspect and do the dealings directly without going through middleman

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    Think of safety

    When doing an import from other country, Genten Honten will make sure there is a Japanese Staff in the site to check factory equipment and hygiene management, for more safe and secure import

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    Direct Imported materials

    please click the image to look at detailed list of the product that Genten Honten imported

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    Company Product. OEM possible

    Help for realizing the idea. Our company as proffesional Trader will help in company product and OEM product. We also will help about the bottle type's gum and other planning

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